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-- Winter Training --

It’s that time again!! Winter training is upon us and as much fun as it is to be outside, we are excited to be moving inside!

We will be hosting winter training a little differently than we have in previous years. Between November and midMarch, we will be at the WSP dome as we have previously, but after Spring Break we will also be incorporating time at Ice Arena here in Cottage Grove.

The following are the dates are the dates that we will be at the WSP dome between now and Spring Break: 11/15/20, 11/22/20, 12/06/20, 12/13/20, 12/20/20, 01/10/21, 01/17/21, 01/31/21, 02/07/21, 02/21/21, 02/28/21, 03/14/21

We have the dome rented from 11:15 – 1:15pm on the above dates.

ALL travel players are invited for the full 2 hours!

All times have been added to Sportsengine to help manage schedules.  

We will be offering:

  • Foot skill training by age
  • Goalkeeper training
  • Age group game-based drills
  • Scrimmages for players to work on and improve their skills

After Spring Break, things change a little as we get ready for the season, we will be hosting team-based practices at both the WSP dome and the Cottage Grove Arena

The dates for after Spring Break are as follows:

WSP Dome – 03/21/21, 03/28/21, 04/04/21, 04/11/21, 04/18/21

CG Ice Arena – Every Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat from 04/05/21 to 05/01/21

Times and the schedule for them will follow.


Players that DO NOT play winter sports are expected to attend winter training.

Players that DO play winter sports are not expected to attend training but are asked to do so when they can.

AFTER Spring Break, all players are expected to attend trainings, as winter sports will have ended by then.