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Going Back To Soccer!!


Safety policies and precautions

If a player/coach thinks they are sick, stay home! Specifically: symptoms of acute respiratory disease (i.e. cough, sore throat, shortness of breath), fever, sudden loss of smell or taste. OR have been diagnosed with COVID-19 (which would follow state-mandated quarantine requirements). If a coach, administrator, or official has a concern about a player’s health, they have the ability to send the player home


  • Parents are encouraged to drop their child off, ensuring the coach/team are at the field and leave.
  • If you would like to stay and watch practice, please remain in the parking lot.
  • When in the parking lot, please socially distance from others appropriately
  • When picking your child up, please remain in the parking lot appropriately distancing from others
  • Coach communication should be via phone, text, or email wherever possible


  • Parents and spectators
    • Must follow government social distancing guidelines.
    • Stay 6 feet apart from non-family members
    • Stay home if they have any of the symptoms listed in the safety policies and precautions paragraph
    • Must not retrieve soccer balls during the game, or touch any of the field equipment, flags, goalposts, or nets.

Player Safety

  • During practice drills will be limited to non-contact activities
  • There will be no physical contact, including, handshakes, high-fives, or huddles
  • We will also be limiting teams cross-contamination requiring that there only be one team practicing per field at one time
  • Players cannot enter a field to practice until the team prior has left the field
  • Where possible, equipment will be sanitized between practice sessions
  • Pinnies will be handed out to players for them to keep for the season. Families are requested to wash these between each practice session
  • During the practice session the ball will only be handled by the goalkeeper, who will be wearing gloves.
  • Player’s water and personal equipment will not be shared. Players will be requested to keep items 6 feet from their teammate’s equipment
  • Masks, per the state of MN are not required, but can certainly be worn per the player or coach’s preference. These or any “extra’s” will not be shared with teammates or coaches.
  •  We are waiting for clarification from Governor Walz regarding limiting practice sessions to a maximum of 10. Once we receive a directive, it will be implemented.